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After a successful first year partnering with Olivia's Artisan Bakery and the Clervaux Trust, our cafe entered a new phase of its life on 1st September 2015. While continuing to support the valuable work of the Clervaux Trust with vulnerable young adults, stocking the same delicious artisan bread, and offering high-quality refreshments with a local, ethical and fairtrade ethos, the cafe is now being managed in-house, rather than by Olivia's Bakery. This will give us greater freedom to respond to your suggestions about what you'd like to see happening in the cafe, and you'll now know that everything you spend here is being invested back into the local community.
The Mustard Tree Cafe is a charitable project of Hurworth Methodist Church. As well as providing a peaceful and relaxing meeting space in the village, we are working closely with the Hurworth Rogers Charitable Trust to offer activities to increase wellbeing and mental health in the village. As a project of the Methodist Church, you can be assured that our staff are being paid a Living Wage, and that any profit stays in the village to support activities among young and old alike. Over the coming year, we hope to invest in the rest of our premises to provide a safe, welcoming environment for your meetings, celebrations and community groups.
Our new name comes from one of Jesus' parables in the Bible, where Jesus says that a tiny mustard seed grows into a large tree, and becomes a home for the birds of the air! You might think that buying a coffee and a cake, or a tea and a sandwich is a small thing. But as part of The Mustard Tree Project, you are supporting something much bigger -- together we can become a community that cares for one another, and where everyone can find a home, a place of welcome and peace, and the resources for wellbeing of body, mind and soul.
We hope you will continue to support your cafe here at Hurworth Methodist, and that you'll be excited as we are about The Mustard Tree Project. We'd love to hear from you, whether about products you'd like to see in the cafe or about activities you'd like us to host. Whether you simply want to tuck into our excellent food and drink, or you'd like to get more involved in the wellbeing side of the cafe, this is your space -- enjoy!


Registered Charity no. 1132005

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